Another great winter trail here! This part of Bend doesn’t get much snowfall making this trail great year round. There are rolling hills for people who like the struggle uphill then the reward of going back down. The whole loop is about 10 miles but you can make it shorter by turning around earlier. Going the other direction is still a blast since you get to go down the uphills that were previously a struggle.

There are beautiful views of the red and black butte plus the cascade ranges once you get up to the highest point in the trail. SPeaking of the highest point in the trail, if you go to the left of the road, away from the parking lot and across the road, the climb is very difficult. I have not seen someone get up it without walking. This is because there are sharp switchbacks and unstable rocks. So, I would recommend going the other way for the loop, going deeper into the parking lot instead.

One last note, this trail is also a popular hiking and running spot so watch out for dogs and walkers. Keep a lookout especially doing downhill.

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