This is a great winter trail with rolling hills for a mix of down and uphill riding. All together it is about 8 miles starting from the trailhead onto big bark trail, dream trail, talon trail, rockbar trail, and finally headgate trail. The ground is very soft in the summer so the winter precipitation provides a more grippy trail. Overall, this is a beginner trail except for the short intermediate part — rockbar.

The rockbar trail section has amazing views of the river and the canyon below. Like its name, the trail has quite a bit of rock features. Feel free to try them out but don’t feel bad if you have to walk up or down some sections. I love the part where there are two rock features to climb in a row, but it defiantly took me a few tries, and running starts to get through them.

This loop is good for someone who wants to have a relaxing ride or a sweat-inducing one. It all depends on how much effort you put into the flat and uphill sections. If you go clockwise, expect more uphill at the beginning and some tough switchbacks; I would say I like going counterclockwise better, starting with headgate trail.

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  1. I like how you described what makes this trail unique. I also like how you added the difficulty of this ride. Maybe add some sentences that make the writing slightly more conversational.

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